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Steve's  Wooden Flags

Steve's Wooden Flags is a business that I began in 2019 out of a deep sense of patriotism and pride of being an American. What started as a fun hobby in my basement has now grown into a passion for creating custom wooden flags and signs for people from all over the country. While the American flag (and various unique versions of it) is the most requested item,  I have also done flags of other countries, flags with police, fire and first responder logos, signs for businesses, family name signs, cornhole sets and more. Each flag or sign is custom carved and personalized the way you want it. To make it a more personal experience for you, I also send pictures or video to you of me making your item. You get to see the workmanship going into your piece. Each flag is signed and numbered on the back. Because of my love for this country and my appreciation for our men and women in the military, I also donate a flag each month to a veteran. One of my proudest moments was seeing a 95 year-old WW2 veteran come to my home with the surprise of presenting him with a donated flag customized with his information. These flags make a great family gift that can become a treasured family heirloom.  Average lead time is 1-2 weeks while holiday times will typically take longer. I look forward to creating something special and meaningful for you, a family member or friend.

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